Great post by my good friend Scyfo all about the Neverwinter Beta. :) Hope I get to try it next time!

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So here I am, rendering my first video after about an hour in game.

I will upload videos in parts, around 8-12 minutes long starting with character creation (which looks good even at this beta stage).

I’ve made myself a Trickster Rogue Halfling and have had a blast, combat as a rogue in this game feels very quick but feels more solid compared to other games, combat moves feel that there is actual weight behind each attack.

I would love to get into a dungeon with other people, I have done already a tunnel, personal instance type quest which was a nice change from the run around collect things quest.

So yeah, so far so happy. I will try my best to record as much as I can this weekend, but I will also be in the other future ones so I can record then as well.

If you are in the…

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Twitter RPG – Tweeria

I just discovered this little gem, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll have heard me tweet about it. ;) TWEERIA! Basically it’s an MMORPG for lazy people lol. It’s quite effortless! All you need to do if sign in with your Twitter account, choose a race, class and gender and then start tweeting. Every time you tweet your character moves around the world, fights creatures, finds loots, enters dungeons! You can also sign up for raids at certain times. They last about an hour and every tweet by the 5 members of the raid during that hour contributes to them defeating it. :) You can turn PvP on or off and fight your Twitter friends!


You can also craft items as well as your own spells! If they’re really cool other people will buy them and you’ll make more money!!


It’s very addictive, I suggest you try it. Gaming as you tweet, can’t get much better. ;) I have a guild called The Guardians, feel free to join it if you want some friends in the world: My profile can be found here. ^_^ Happy twesting. (Tweeting/questing baha I crack myself up!)

Trouble editing videos

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still here… Just having some issues editing my footage from the stress test… My video editing program keeps crashing. >_> Might be awhile but I want to get it done eventually. :D

I’ll be back with a new blog update in the next few days. <3

Credit to my good friend @Scyfo. Keep making videos you awesome Aussie! ♥ Check out his channel and subscribe!

Who doesn’t love watching gameplay videos of their favorite games? And better yet who doesn’t LOVE recording gaming memories!? Well I’ve decided to try recording some of my gaming sessions. It will mostly be GW2 of course, if not all. Heh. I’m going to do a test with SWTOR and post it below… Let me know if it’s smooth… :) I tried it with the XFire recorder… But the files seem quite big for just a small amount of video… It’s simple enough for me though. I might try a couple more programs and see what I like the best though. Cheers to more videos!

If you record your gaming what program(s) do you use to record and edit? What do you record? Do you voice over or just use music? How long do you record for at a time? Any other comments or tips?

Extra-Life Event

Extra-Life is a charity event that raises money for children’s hospitals. It takes place on October 20th, 2012. All you must do is sign up, and then game for 24 hour straight, gaining pledges along the way. The best part is you get to pick which local children’s hospital that money you raise will go to! It all stays local! =D

I hope most of you have already heard of this and signed up, but for those who haven’t please do. It’s a great cause and what a better way for gamers to raise money than doing what we do best! :)

If you want to join my team, here is the link to the page on the Extra Life website. Let’s heal some kids!

Preparing for Guild Wars 2

As I’m sure most of you are, I’m already getting ready for Guild Wars 2 headstart. Only 17 days remaining according to the countdown, I can’t believe that I’ve been waiting 5 years for this.  That means, 17 days to burn and try to fill the void with something. Well here are some things to keep you busy.

1. Start a shopping list.

 You’re going to need to stock up on fuel to keep you going for the first 3 days of gameplay. Some items from my personal list include: champagne (yeah, cause it’s freaking celebration!), pink Rockstar (it tastes like fruit rollups, fyi), spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, hot pockets, vitamin water, yogurt and fruit/veggie trays.

2. Proper attire.

If you’re going to be on a game-a-thon, you’re going to need comfortable clothing. Now if you live in a hot climate you’ll need something cooler like so:

Gaming Outfit

Or if you’re from a cooler climate (or like me, love to be cozy) go for something like this:

Gaming Outfit


3. Find the right guild. is a great place to find guild listings. Tells you the geographical location, server, approx member count, alliance, PvX, and more! My personal suggestion is that you check out The Guardians first though, something for everyone. ;)

4. Get your RPing self ready.

Planning to roleplay in Guild Wars 2? It’s never too early to start creating a character profile and background. If you’ve new, old or somewhere in between to RP check out RP Made Simple. A great guide with lots of tips and tricks to improving your RP experience. Roleplaying even very lightly, can really help immerse you in the game and your characters story/life.

5. Watch Guild Wars 2 videos

The only this better than playing Guild Wars 2 is watching videos of other people playing. Here are a few people who’s videos I enjoy. Scyfo100, YogsCast, LicksTehRainbowz (This video was made just for me, because I had to miss the last stress test <3) and also GW2BnC.

6. Check out a Guild Wars 2 podcast.

Boons and Conditions is an amazing podcast, hosted by the awesome @Faelor. I strongly recommend you check it out. It’s the only GW2 podcast I really listen to. :)

7. Choose a race/profession and research crafting skills.

Are you going to be a mighty Charr warrior or a sly Asura Thief? Are you going to be an Artificer and craft magical weapons like staves? Or maybe you want to be a Jeweler and make all the shiny pretty things. :) Best to start thinking of these choices now, to save time for later. plus theory crafting is also a great pass-time!

I hope everyone has a great time during headstart and launch, I know I cannot wait to get started playing, finally. See you on the battlefield in 17 days fellow Tyrians.

Welcome to TehMartini Talks

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been thinking about starting a gaming blog for awhile now and finally decided to take the plunge. I hope you find my posts interesting. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or ideas for future articles. I’m on Twitter: @TehMartini also find me on my guild website: as “Martini”.

I’ll be posting my first article shortly, after I get some housekeeping things done around here. :) Hope to hear from you soon!

- Martini