TehMartiniTalks 2.0

TA-DA! I’ve finally finished re-vamping my blog! Welcome to the TehMartiniTalks 2.0, it’s a brand new, fresh start! Now when I first created this place, it was meant to be for gaming talk/videos, however, I see it being more than that now. I am a gamer, but I’m also a real person, not some bot that types jibber jabber.  I have trials and challenges, shenangians, laughs and more to share! I want to talk about my other interests, and my other passion: fitness.

What I want to do with this first post is kind of go over what got me here.   Last year, in 2013, I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I have no family history of MS, but my grandma volunteered for the MS Society of Saskatchewan for years when I was younger, so I know what it’s all about. I’d had symptoms and issues in the past with fatigue, memory, brain “fogginess” but I never knew why. Finally in August of 2012, I developed Optic Neuritis, a way that MS commonly truly shows for the first time. From there I saw specialists, had MRIs done and eventually was diagnosed.

For the first 9 months or so things were rough… I didn’t know how to listen to signs that my body would give me, I didn’t know my limits. I felt like I was sick all the time when really, it was my body trying to tell me to take it easy. The fatigue had become incredibly hard to deal with. I had a lot of issues sleeping which didn’t help the problem at all. When I was seen for the second time at the MS Clinic I brought these concerns up and the doctor told me that to help combat these issues, exercise and keeping healthy was essential, also to quit smoking! I used to love going to the gym and working out when I was younger but with the way I was feeling it seemed like quite a feat…

I started by quitting smoking, after trying for years I finally just decided I was done. It’s a stupid habit, it stinks, it’s BAD for you and it’s very expensive. I picked up an e-cig from a local store to help me adjust and that was that. No more smoking. Next I deciding to do something I’d always wanted to try; I signed my mom and myself up for a yoga class. If you’ve never tried yoga, you really should! Never mind the stigmas, or pre-conceived notions, it is amazing. I felt amazing when I was doing it, I wasn’t straining or doing anything strenuous yet I could feel my muscles working! I felt so calm yet energized afterward. I started really feeling better, physically and mentally. From yoga I transitioned into using an elliptical and doing circuits to finally buying my own treadmill earlier in February. Nothing fancy, I got it used from a wonderful South African couple about to start a family and needed more space. It soon became my new baby and was the best $300 I ever spent.

I want this blog to be not only about the game worlds we live in, with levels and achievements, armor and loot, dungeons and boss fights. I want this to be about the real life journey and struggles we go through. Leveling up IRL if you will. “Martini” used to be a name I called my characters. She was spunky, spirited, strong-willed and beautiful inside and out, everything I wanted to be. Through all of the experiences in the last 2 years, I’ve come to be more like her. I’ve started to become the person I wished I was strong enough to be. This is TehMartiniTalks about anything and everything. I’ll talk about fitness, working out running, recipes, rants/raves, gaming, random shenanigans, and maybe… cats. Anything goes! 🙂

Here’s to reinventing yourself, may you always be the best version of you. ❤


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