Wildstar ♥

Since this is a post-whatever-the-hell-I-want blog, it’s time to talk about…. GAMING! More specifically, Wildstar. I started getting REALLY hyped for this game about a year ago and then finally got into beta in December. It’s a title that has all the things you loved from the great MMORPGs of the past, and adds new, exciting content and mechanics. It really is the game I’ve been waiting/looking for YEARS for. If you haven’t already heard of Wildstar (Where the hell have you been!?) check it out here.

One of the many awesome things about Wildstar is; you can have your own housing plot! Insanely customizable with things like…


A Lopp party..

Lopp party

Or a hot springs!


Or even a bar, big screen TV, bed, animal rug, hookah, wine, beer mug, plants, pillows, posters, lights, candles, cheese and bananas. (To name a few)


House interiorIt’s a fantastic game to play with friends, in fact you’ll have way more fun if you do! If you’re looking for a group to play Wildstar with (or other games for that matter), check out my guild, The Guardians. They’ve been around for over 11 years, I’ve been there for 3 of them. 🙂 Sometimes we even have naked chua parties. 😉

Naked Chua Party

Naked Chua Run Group Photo


You really just need to check it out. You’ll be hooked in no time! Oh, be sure to join Rowsdower server when you do. 🙂

See you on Nexus!


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