Cheers to new adventures

Always ask questions. don’t be afraid to wonder or find out the truth.

Always seek opportunity to have new experiences and learn new things.

Never settle.

Don’t be afraid to hear “No”. You’ll never know if you never try.

We always regret the chances we didn’t take, rarely we regret taking a chance when it’s presented.

Don’t give up. No matter what it is. Nothing is ever hopeless. Even if it’s not the outcome you may think, everything will work out in the end.

If you like someone, give them a smile. not just any smile the smile. And they’ll know. 😉 Of course you could always just tell them.

Go places, see things, meet people and have the time of your life. Even if it’s with perfect strangers. Soak it in.

And last but not least…. if someone is acting as an anchor and dragging you down… cut em loose.


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