We Might as Well be Strangers

Why do people do shady things to people they apparently care about? Why do they lie, steal, cheat, or say terrible things behind other people’s backs? What happened to integrity? Loyalty? Communication? When did everyone become so underhanded and deceptive?

It’s much better to be brave in the face of truth, than try and come out unscathed on the other side of a lie. Things will never be the same. Even if the lie can be forgiven, it’s unlikely that they will ever see you the same way again… It brings everything into question. First it’s just one lie and then you discover more and more until you wonder if there was any truth to any of it at all. You question what you did to make them lie to you in the first place, even though it’s not your fault, you’ll question and wonder and obsess over what it is that apparently makes it so easy for people to lie to you? Do they think you’re naive? Easy? Or do they just not respect you enough to be honest? Whatever it is, it will sting, like an open handed slap across the face, you’ll feel it for a long while.

It is important to remember, however, even though 50 people have lied to you in the past, it doesn’t mean the 51st will too. Chances are good, but give them the benefit of the doubt. We have walls for a reason, to keep us going and healing so that when that right person does come along, we’ll have something left. Just because everyone else has let you down, this could be the time that someone doesn’t let go. But if they do, take a few days and then wear is as a badge of honor. You were wronged. Betrayed. Broken and left behind and you’re still going. Be proud, lesser people have crumbled in the face of deceit, so use it as armor. Keep moving forward. We can’t move on to the next chapter of our lives if we keep re-reading the last one.


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